Start a Microgreens Business

Start a microgreens business

Recently I stumbled upon a most intriguing method that would allow someone to grow microgreens for a business: the Bootstrap Farmer’s Grow Rack. It is an automated vertical propagation rack, which once set up, can make growing microgreens indoors a snap!

The ULTIMATE Grow Rack to Start a Microgreens Business

Grow Racks

This Grow Rack has so much versatility and will allow you to embark on several different ventures. You can purchase this phenomenal rack with 3, 4, or 5 shelves. Each shelf holds trays for germination, propagation, or microgreens. In addition, each shelf has grow lights, fans for aeration, and a watering system. All are on timers which you adjust to your particular needs.

The rack arrives preassembled and ready to use. It also is easily portable for it is on casters if you plan to demonstrate it at events or markets, or just move it around your grow area.

What is Included with the Grow Rack

You will be amazed at how little you need to provide to get this microgreens system up and running. The Grow Rack comes with:

Aerators over a plant tray
Aerators and tray under lights
  • 4 LED lights per shelf
  • flood trays
  • timers
  • cooling fans
  • water pump
  • 38-gallon water reservoir
  • flush valve
  • full-system micro-filter (2 screens at every inlet and outlet)
  • 24/7 aerators
  • independently adjustable flood trays
  • flexible tubing throughout

What’s left for you to provide? Microgreen seeds and growing medium! (and it goes without saying, electricity and water)

Grow Rack Details

The overall size of the Grow Rack is 52 inches wide by 77 inches high by 29 inches deep. You can fit the unit easily into a garage, basement, or warehouse. Each rack is a stand-alone unit, but as customers have found, as they build their microgreen business, they can easily add more racks as needed.

This Grow Rack is indispensable for growing microgreens for business or home use. A customer in San Antonio started with one, and a few months later added 3 more. Now, he has over 60 racks producing microgreens. This product is so good that their average customer has between 5 and 12 Grow Racks. It can make you money if you set your business up correctly.

When You Purchase

Setting up your Grow Rack! It’s a good time to BUY NOW! Bookstrap Farmer Grow Rack

Great news! This high-quality Grow Rack has FREE SHIPPING!

This unique equipment will arrive at your home or place of business on a shrink-wrapped pallet. The video is beneficial and informative as it takes you step-by-step through the opening process.

As I watched, I was more and more amazed at the features of this unit, and it sold me on the Grow Rack. Bootstrap Farmer has provided detailed information in the video on the rack and how to set it up to produce microgreens. One customer described the process as a “plug and play.”

Marketing Microgreens

Marketing microgreens can be a lucrative venture with the right strategies in place. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

A stand selling microgreens at a farmer's market

Begin by creating an appealing brand identity highlighting your microgreens’ freshness and nutritional value.

Develop a user-friendly website with informative content about your products, cultivation methods, and the health benefits of consuming microgreens.

To make sure that your website will rank high, you will need to employ search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Try to incorporate key terms such as “fresh microgreens,” “organic sprouts,” “organic microgreens,” or “nutrient-rich greens.”

Leverage social media platforms to showcase visually enticing images of your microgreens, engage with potential customers, and share content about sustainable farming practices.

Collaborate with local markets, restaurants, and health-conscious communities to expand your reach and establish partnerships.

Implementing effective marketing strategies will boost your microgreens’ visibility and position your brand as a trusted source of high-quality, locally grown, and nutritious microgreens.

Start Growing Microgreens Indoors

What do you need to start growing microgreens? You will need an inert media or soil/compost, microgreen seeds, and a bottom watering tray. This tray can be either a mesh bottom or have holes, allowing you to use soil or grow hydroponically.


Seeds sprouting

To begin, select high-quality seeds from reputable seed companies, ensuring they are specifically labeled as microgreen varieties. If you are starting a business, be aware that there are over 30 different varieties of microgreens, so do your market research and find out which microgreens your customers will buy.

Growing Medium

Next, choose a suitable growing medium, such as organic soil or hydroponic mats, to provide the necessary nutrients for your microgreens. Sow the seeds evenly across the surface of the chosen medium, keeping in mind that microgreens need ample space to thrive.


Light is crucial for their growth, and the Grow Rack has lights on every level. Just place the trays on the shelves directly under the grow lights.

Watering System

Automatic watering system
Tray with automatic watering system

Regular watering is essential, but be cautious not to overwater, as microgreens are susceptible to damping off. Spend time adjusting the automatic waterer on the rack so that you don’t either flood or dry out the seeds, so the seeds germinate.

Harvesting Microgreens

harvesting microgreens

Harvesting microgreens at the right stage of growth is essential. Usually, harvest is when the tiny plants reach 1-2 inches in height. Use clean scissors for cutting to avoid damaging the delicate plants. By following these simple steps, your microgreens will be an incredible crop for you to sell.

Warranty and Customer Support

Bootstrap Farmer handles all issues in-house. They stand behind this excellent product and want you to be successful when using it.

A user’s manual comes with every grow rack and will answer all your questions. If not, they have a very responsive customer service team in-house that will be able to help you.


The Versatility of the Grow Rack

The Grow Rack can assist you by growing seed starts, herbs, fodder, wheatgrass, etc., and microgreen crops. Because of this, you may need to use different media according to what you are growing. The more natural your media or if you use compost, the more often you need to clean the system (10-14 days or so).

Water Temperature Will Matter

Every type of seed will require a certain germination temperature and this should be available with the seed information. You can regulate water temp with an aquarium heater in the water reservoir. Usually, the temps are about 75-80 degrees for microgreens.

Best Places to Put Your Grow Rack

Basements are great because the temperature is ambient–always steady. Because of the variation in temperature in greenhouses, this rack should not be used there. It is meant to be indoors, such as a warehouse or basement. Definitely do not place the rack anywhere in freezing temperatures.

Grow microgreens indoors!

How to Set Up Your Microgreens Business

It is not enough to purchase this marvelous Grow Rack and expect to sell microgreens next week. A business takes planning and marketing to make it successful. This is a very simplistic list of things you must do to start. For greater detail, follow the links to set up correctly. How do you even begin?

Research Your Market

plate of food using microgreens artistically

There is no point in starting a business if there is no demand for the product you are going to be selling. Spend a significant amount of time talking to companies (restaurants, groceries, grocery wholesalers, etc.) to find out if they are interested in buying your microgreens.

If yes, how much would they buy? Initially, they would only buy a small quantity from you, testing both your product and their market for the microgreens.

Also, spend time researching your competitors. Is there one company in your area that is dominating the market? Or, is anyone selling microgreens in your area (lucky you!)? You won’t be able to quiz them directly but find out as much as possible about their company, customers, and products.

If you see a market for your microgreens, take the next step and plan your business.

Create Your Business Plan

A business plan is simply a map illustrating where you want to go with your business. It can be as simple as one page, or it can be a complicated 100-page document. You must write everything down. All you need to say is:

  1. What do you plan to sell?
  2. How do you plan to sell it?
  3. Where do you plan to sell the product?

If you decide to get a loan for your business, your business plan should be much more detailed so that the investor will see the value in what you are doing.

Create Your Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan is your strategy for selling your product. Who are you going to sell to? At what price will you sell your product? How will you package your product? How can you expand your market? Will you advertise? Will you do social media? ETC. It’s all about how you will get the word out to the public about what you are doing. Write it all down.

Review Your Plans

Regularly, you need to review your business plan and your marketing plan. Things change, and you should consider those changes. Rewrite any modifications to either of your plans.


Most small businesses fail because they are under-capitalized. In other words, they run out of money. To avoid this issue, start small. Don’t have employees until you absolutely can’t function without them. Don’t buy into an expensive rental. Keep everything you do at a minimal cost. You don’t need the fancy desk/delivery truck when you start. That all comes later. . if you budget well.

Any money you spend is money you won’t be taking home in a paycheck.

In the beginning, most of your “profits” will probably be plowed back into the business. If you keep good records, control your outflow, and utilize your inflow judiciously, you will be profitable in time.

Tray of microgreens

Customer Testimonials for the Grow Rack

I’m raving about this Grow Rack because I think it is such an easy start to a profitable business of selling microgreens. Obviously, the customers of Bootstrap Farmer feel the same way:

“So happy with my Grow Racks! Set up was so simple. The video . . . was awesome. I knew what to expect before it even got here.” says David D.

I have run several test runs with the Grow Rack and it is working phenomenally. Excited to grow.”

So excited to use everything! Came quickly, packaged nicely and SO high in quality!!” Peggy B.

The unit was shipped without any damages. Solid pallet and 2×2 reinforced on the corners. . .Overall pleased with the construction and the help I received from support.” Steven S.

If you are in the market for an automated system this product from Bootstrap Farmer is the end of your search. Nick spent time with me over the holidays helping me best set up the unit. They are the best in the business.”

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