Best Drones on a Budget for Beginners

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Drones have soared in popularity, capturing the imagination of both enthusiasts and professionals alike. These versatile flying devices offer breathtaking aerial perspectives, whether you’re a photography enthusiast, an aspiring filmmaker, or simply someone who wants to explore the skies. Drones present a tremendous opportunity for a profitable business.

This comprehensive budget drone buying guide will help you cover the myriad of options available on the market. Choosing the right drone at the right price can be an overwhelming task if you aren’t prepared.

Best Drones on a Budget Buying Guide

In this comprehensive guide, you will navigate through the vast landscape of drones, helping you to make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences. We’ll cover various aspects, from drone types and features to key considerations like flight performance, camera capabilities, and budget.

These drones listed are appropriate if you’re a beginner seeking your first drone experience. We’ll explore the different types of drones, including recreational drones for casual flying, and a camera drone for capturing stunning visuals.

Furthermore, we’ll delve into essential features such as flight time, control range, stability, and obstacle avoidance sensors. We’ll also discuss the significance of camera quality, resolution, gimbal stabilization, and intelligent shooting modes, which are crucial factors for aerial photography and videography enthusiasts.

Finally, we’ll guide you through the process of narrowing down your choices and making a well-informed purchase decision that aligns with your budget. We’ll highlight some of the best drones available in the market across various price ranges and recommend reliable brands to consider.

When you have covered this material, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to choose the perfect drone that suits your needs, unleashing your creativity and taking your adventures to new heights. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and explore the world of drones!

Three Types of Common Drones

Drones (unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs) come in various types, each designed for specific purposes and applications. These remarkable devices have evolved significantly over the years and are now widely utilized in a multitude of industries, from photography and videography to agriculture and surveillance.

Multi-Rotor Drones

Multi-rotor drones, also known as multi-copters or quadcopters, are a popular type of drone that utilizes multiple rotors for lift and propulsion. The multi-rotor drones are the best beginner drones and the most popular of drones. The most common configuration is four rotors arranged in a square or X-pattern, although there are variations with six or eight rotors as well. These drones are known for their stability, maneuverability, and ease of control.

Multi-rotor drone 2
-Ability to hover in a fixed position
-Can fly vertically
-Can perform intricate maneuvers (flips and rolls)
-Highly agile, can navigate tight spaces
-Ideal for aerial photography, videography, and inspection tasks
-Used in recreational racing and flying competitions
-Flight time is limited (10-30 minutes)
-Less efficient in forward flight
-Usually limited to lower altitudes and speeds

Single-Rotor Drones (Helicopters)

Single-rotor drones, commonly known as helicopters or rotorcraft, feature a large main rotor and a smaller tail rotor. These drones can do a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) and can also hover in place. Helicopters have been used for various applications for many years, including military operations, aerial photography, emergency medical services, and more.

helicopter drone
-Longer flight times
-Can achieve higher speeds and altitudes
-Ability to hover
-Can perform precise maneuvers, allowing for improved stability and control in challenging environments
-Can carry heavier payloads
-More complex to operate
-More expensive to purchase and maintain
-Rotor systems make them more prone to mechanical failures

Fixed-Wing Drones

Fixed-wing drones, as the name suggests, have a fixed-wing structure similar to traditional airplanes. Instead of using multiple rotors for lift, they rely on the forward motion created by the propulsion system to generate lift. They have a more streamlined design, which allows them to achieve higher speeds and longer flight times compared to multi-rotor drones.

fixed wing drone
-Commonly used for large-scale aerial mapping, surveying, agricultural monitoring, long-range inspections
-Cover vast areas efficiently
-Ability to fly in straight lines and glide during certain flight phases
-Well-suited for missions that require endurance
-Flight time can range from several hours to days, depending upon model and payload
-Require more space for takeoff and landing
-Less maneuverable in confined areas
-Cannot hover or perform vertical takeoffs and landings

Summary of the Common Types of Best Drones on a Budget

In summary, each type of drone—multi-rotor, single-rotor (helicopters), and fixed-wing—has its own strengths and weaknesses, making them suitable for different applications. Multi-rotor drones excel in stability, maneuverability, and hovering capabilities. Single-rotor drones (helicopters) offer greater speeds, altitudes, and payload capacities. Fixed-wing drones are ideal for long-range missions, high speeds, and extended flight times. The choice of drone type depends on the specific requirements and objectives of the intended application.

Factors to Consider When Buying Your First Drone

Here are some aspects of a drone that you should consider before buying your first drone.

What do you want to do with it?

A drone can do all sorts of tasks, so it is important that you pick one that works for what you want it to do. You can find drones flying for agricultural purposes, industrial drones, camera drones that do great photography, delivery drones, or even racing drones. There are a great number of opportunities for drone business ideas.

Camera Quality

The quality of the camera is extremely important. Look for a camera drone with high resolutions (1080p or at least 4K) and good image stabilization features to ensure that your footage is smooth and clear. A camera drone is one of the most popular choices for aerial photographers..

Flight Time

You will want to consider how long the drone can fly on a single charge. Longer flight times will allow you to capture more footage without having to constantly stop and recharge the drone.

Range and Control

Look for drones with long-range capabilities and reliable remote control systems. This will allow you to control the drone from a distance and capture footage from a variety of angles.


Stability is essential for capturing good-quality footage. Look for drones that have a stable hover, smooth movements, and are wind-resistant.

Battery Life

A budget drone may have a very short battery life (see flight time above), and that is something you should consider when purchasing.


Many modern drones come with GPS and intelligent flight modes such as Follow Me, waypoint navigation, and orbit mode. These features can make it easier to capture stunning aerial footage without requiring advanced piloting skills.


If you plan to take your drone with you on trips, consider how portable it is. Look for drones that are compact and easy to transport.


Finally, consider the price of the drone. Drones with advanced features can be quite expensive, but there are also many affordable options on the market that still offer good camera quality and flight performance. The drones we will present here will be at budget price levels, so as to meet most drone budgets.

Best Cheap Drones with Camera under $200

All three of these cheap drones are multi-rotor drones, the easiest to fly. A few drones even have cameras, stability, and other desirable features. A budget drone is a great beginner drone or a drone just to play with.

Ascend Aeronautics

ASC-2500 Premium Hd Video Drone, ASC-6495

Ascend 2500
From Merchant Site

Price: $99.99

This is one of the great beginner drones, for it is easy to navigate. It includes an HD camera that will stream amazing images and videos to your phone or tablet. With just the press of a button, it automatically launches and lands. There are 3-speed settings you can use to fly drones. This is a drone intended for ages 14+.

-1080p HD camera streams for instant video recording
-Micro SD card slot on board (for optional SC card video recording at highest resolution
-Built-in 6 axis gyro altitude sensor
-Push button start, hover, and land
-New optical flow tech for longitude and latitude position holding
-High efficiency Li-Poly battery
-Easy to transport: folds up
-Hard to fly on windy days
-Video sometimes stops or is choppy
-Sometimes difficult to connect the interface
-Tends to drift randomly while in flight modes
-No warning when battery is low. As a result, will fall out of the sky


5G WIFI 3KM FPV GPS With 4K HD Camera Three-axis Brushless Gimbal Optical Flow Positioning RC Drone Quadcopter RTF – White One Battery

JJRCx12 drone
From Merchant site

Price $139.99 on sale Regularly $199.99

Known to have very stable video transmission and flight, this drone is considered to be one of the easier drones to fly. “Quality of both materials and manufacturing is exceptional and this drone has very, very good performance,” says a drone pilot from Portugal.


  • Up/Down
  • Forward/backward
  • Turn left/right
  • Follow Me
  • Orbits Mode
  • Waypoint Flight
  • Optical Flow
  • Ultrasonic Altitude Hold Mode
  • WiFi FPV
  • Camera/Video
  • Gravity sensing
  • Pairing & Sharing

Included with your purchase:

  • RC drone
  • 11.4V 2400MAh battery (1)
  • Remote Control
  • Propellers
  • Charger
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Phone Holder
  • Protective backpack
  • 1.5mm L-Shaped Wrench
  • 2.5mm L-Shaped Wrench
  • English manual

-5G WiFi 3Km Image Transmission Distance
-GPS Positioning
-Optical Flow Positioning
-4K HD Camera 3-axis gimbal
-Altitude hold mode
-1 key takeoff/landing
-Following mode
-Up to 25 minutes flying time
-Lens zoom
-Real-time image transmission
-Intelligent Follow
-Surround flight
-Waypoint flight
-Trajectory pointing flight
-Folding portable fuselage
-Creative video
-Gesture control
-Brushless motor
-Aircraft retrieval function
-MV Functions (filters, video effects, add background music, picture/video sharing)
-Old app is a potential problem for this drone
-Only 1 battery
-Video lags to older phones

EXO Scout

$129.00 on sale. Regularly $137.00

“Best in the Market! The EXO is by far the most reliable, most responsive, and easy to fly UAV on the market!” says John S in his review.

EXO Scout drone

Often called the Ferrari of toy drones, the EXO Scout has features everyone will enjoy. It is zippy with lots of power, and has 3 adjustable speeds (7 mph, 12 mph, and 15 mph). It’s easy to use with a simple power button, auto takeoff and landing, and it even can hold its altitude. The EXO Scout will hold its position with no drift. Plus there is a bottom sensor which is AI assisted.

This camera drone saves photos and videos directly into your phone using its 1080p video and 6MP photo camera–an HD live feed. Range is 315 feet. Tilt and zoom, straight up or down with a 10X zoom feature of this flying drone.

This drone is very portable since it folds to pocket size. Manufacturer says that it will retain its flight stability even after it’s been folded thousands of times. It has 15 minute flight time per battery.

And, this best drone crashes without breaking!

Included with your purchase:

  • Carry bag
  • Drone
  • Battery
  • Drone controller
  • Propellers, including 4 spares
  • Cable
  • User Manual
-3 adjustable speeds
-Single power button
-6 megapixel camera
-FHD 30fps video
-CMOS sensor
-2048x1080px photo
-1 axis gimbal
-Level 2 wind resistance (3 mph wind)
-15 minutes flight time
-15 mph top speed
-400 feet maximum transmission range
-Max flight distance .75 mile
-Comes with 1 batter, but you have the option to purchase 2, 3, or 4 more
-Busy customer service, but always helpful
-Connection to app can be very weak
-Wind can be an issue because it is a light drone

Fun with A Camera Drone

The cheap drones listed above are only the beginning. These drones are great toys, but even better, they help you develop the skills of drone flying. Once you learn to control a drone, you can develop this skill into a part or full-time job. Camera drones allow you to capture pictures and videos from unusual angles either for your own use or for a commercial enterprise.

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