7 Best Small Farm Tools Under $200

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As any small farm or hobby farm owner knows, the best small farm tools can make all the difference. Whether you’re trying to clear a new land, do micro-farming, or just keep your existing farm in good shape, having the right farm equipment is essential to make your tasks faster and easier. The tools listed here are not intended specifically for small farms, for they are great assets for any homeowner too. These are tools that make farming EASIER. And that’s what we all want, right? Life to be easier!

How many times have you gone out to the ATV or wheelbarrow and found a flat tire? With the compressor, you can fix that in a jiffy.

Cutting the grass with a dull blade is a hopeless task. So is trying to cut weed roots with a dull shovel. With the bench grinder, you can sharpen those blades instead of sending them out to someone else (and creating a bill).

Your lane becomes muddy and rutted in spring–get your ground leveler out and smooth out that lane, making it pleasant to drive on once again.

With the dump cart, you can easily move 100-pound bales of hay around your barnyard or mountains of dead leaves from your garden to your compost pile. Be sure to use the right shovel for this job.

And, you will wonder how you ever did without the post pounder and puller as you look at all the fencing you have built.

If you are planning to start a small business on your farm, you need these basic tools to get started.

Here are 7 essential tools that will prove to be indispensable as you get started. Click on the link to order online. You can pick it up at the store or just have the item shipped to you–all to make life easy for you!

1. Post Pounder or Fence Post Driver

CountyLine T-Post Pounder $44.99u

Post pounder
From merchant site

Fencing is essential on a farm, and sure, you can drive a t-post with a sledge hammer, but boy! That’s the hard way to do it. Once you have this tool, you can drive posts into the earth in no time. A post pounder is indispensable on any small farm.

A post pounder is heavy, and weights vary between 12 to 20 pounds. The weight is to make driving the post much easier. All you have to do is put the pounder over the post and start pounding.

We used our post pounder for fencing originally. Now that our fencing is established, we use the fence post driver to drive t-posts into our garden areas. We then attach ranch panels to the t-posts so that our tomatoes and vine plants have a place to climb. That arrangement allows our vegetable garden to spread out and up.

Interestingly, in 1933 the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation devised an early version of the Post Pounder. They needed it to help install fencing along their highways. The tool became popular on farms as essential equipment when people realized how efficiently fencing became when using it.


CountryLine T-Post Pounder is made of high-strength carbon steel and weighs 16 pounds. The post pounder comes with a 1-year warranty.

Bits from Reviews: 

“Worked very well for the project I did. Easy to use!” “This rascal is just the right weight.” “I should have bought it years ago.”

2. Post Puller

SpeeCo T-Fence Post Puller $49.99

From merchant site

When farming, at some point, you are going to have to pull up all of those fencing t-posts you have pounded into the earth. Fencing needs to change regularly on a small farm, so you have to be prepared to move those posts.

You run a risk of bending a t-post by pulling it out with a tractor or digging it out manually, but there is a faster method for this onerous task. Use a Post Puller. This is one of my favorite tools and one every neighbor has borrowed. They loved it, then went and bought their own.

The post puller works by using leverage, and it only takes one person to operate. You place it beside the t-post to be pulled. Then you raise the lever, attach the hook around the post, and push down on the lever. The post begins to come out. For most posts, you are going to have to do this several times, moving the hook lower each time. The post will come totally out of the earth with only the slightest effort. Much better than digging, wiggling, and sweating when the post doesn’t come easily out or worse yet, you bend the post.


This durable steel post puller is lightweight, weighing only 17 pounds, and can easily be used by one person. The handle is 3 feet long, so that gives you a lot of leverage power. It can handle posts up to 2 inches wide. It has a 12 months limited parts warranty.

Bits from Reviews: 

“Puller is very well built and it won’t disappoint you.” “Strong and adapts to various types of posts.” “Great product, only wish I would have found it sooner!!!”

3. Air Compressor

JobSmart 10 Gallon Horizontal Portable Air Compressor $159.99

From merchant site

You will need an air compressor to inflate tires on wheelbarrows, ATVs, lawn mowers, and even full-sized tractors. You can use an air compressor to blow off dust or dry off wet objects. It can become the force behind a paint sprayer and power pneumatic tools such as nail guns. An air compressor is ultimately one of the most useful machines on your small farm.


Portable, this air compressor is an 8-gallon, 150-PSI compressor which is compatible with a number of attachments. The motor is a 120-volt, 1.8 HP induction motor which will serve you for a good many years. The pump is oil-free—less maintenance! Hurrah! The machine has gauges, a regulator, plus a brass quick coupler to help you get to work faster. The handle is removable. The tank can also be easily drained. It has a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Bits from Reviews: 

“For the price, you won’t find anything with better fit and finish.” “This is a great durable product. . .I have worked it hard and it still runs great.” “Has exceeded my expectations.”

4. Dump Cart

GroundWork 800 lb. Capacity Pro Series Poly Dump Cart $139.99

dump cart

No matter where you are on your farm, you are going to need to move something from here to there. Yes, the ATV or tractor can have attachments to help you, but often the job is not that big. You just need something simple that you can load up and move quickly.

If you have a lawn tractor or ATV, you can connect this cart and move it wherever you need it.


This little beauty can hold up to 800 pounds. When you want to dump it, the cart has a quick-release handle unique in the industry. When you pull the handle back, you can dump the load where you want it. It has pneumatic tires (10 inch) which makes pushing/pulling it around the farm easy. (Those tires can be filled by your new air compressor!)

The dump cart can hold 5 cubic feet and is 24 inches by 36 inches. It has a 12-month limited warranty.

Bits from Reviews: 

“tough little cart. Attached to my riding mower with ease.” “Good value for the price.” “Easy to use.” “Makes work so much easier.”

5. Bench Grinder

DeWalt 6” Bench Grinder             $119.99

Bench Grinder

Most of your tools need to be sharpened and this is one of the best machines to help you do it yourself. Hand tools can even be sharpened on this machine. It is one of several essential tools on your farm workbench.

Metal is the #1 material for bench grinder uses. You can sharpen it, grind off rust, or polish it. A bench grinder can also fix include glass, wood, or even plastic. Your primary use, however, will probably be sharpening shovels, knives, or even mower blades without any special attachments needed.


This bench grinder has 36 and 60-grit wheels, complete with eye shields, tool rests, and spark deflectors. It has a ¾ HP induction motor that can run at 3600 RPM (high speed). The machine itself is set up to allow large grinding projects. Any exhaust exits the rear of the machine so it’s not in your face. The DeWalt Bench Grinder comes with a great warranty: 90-day money-back guarantee, a full 1-year service contract, and a 3-year limited warranty.

Bits from Reviews: 

“Better than expected and completely satisfied with this purchase.” “This grinder simply put, is a BEAST!” “This grinder was perfect out of the box.”

6. Earmuffs

Walker’s XCEL 100 Digital Earmuffs           $99.99

ear protection

Now that you have all of this noisy equipment, you need to protect your hearing at any cost. Earmuffs are one of your most essential tools wherever there is noise. Walker’s earmuffs provide state-of-the-art protection for your ears regardless of what you are doing.

These Walker earmuffs are hearing protection and will also allow you to set four listening modes. You will have electronic controls that allow you to amplify sound. The earmuffs can cancel loud noises around you (Universal). You can set the controls to hear conversations clearly (speech clarity mode). If you are target shooting, you will be able to hear the ping of the steel target (High Frequency). In certain situations, you can set the earmuffs to amplify sound (Power Boost). The variable dynamic sound suppression and wind noise reduction can’t be beat.

Inside these incredible Walker earmuffs are Hi-Gain Omni direction microphones. This feature will allow you to be able to distinguish where any sound is coming from. The controls are all on the headband.

That’s not all these earmuffs provide. They have been ergonomically designed to have a comfortable headband and ear cups. In addition, the earmuffs have an automatic shut-off function so you don’t have to worry about turning them off if you get busy.

The earmuffs require 2 AAA batteries (which come with the earmuffs) and a Walker xcel 100 manual.


If you have any issues with the Walker Earmuffs, you can return them to Cabela’s/Bass Pro’s shop within 60 days of purchase. After that, Walker does have its own warranty and that info will be with the earmuffs.

Bits from Reviews: 

“Best electronic hearing protection for the money.” “Great earmuff, outstanding features.” “You can clearly hear people talking. . .lightweight and virtually like you are not even wearing anything.”

7. ATV and Lawn Tractor Landscape Leveler

Vevor Driveway Drag 66″ Width, Drag to Level Driveways, Lots, and Yards       $84.99

Ground leveler

Save your back! If you are building your small farm from scratch, you definitely need a ground leveler to smooth out your yard or driveway or your big garden. If you buy an existing farm, you will find a myriad of uses for it. You can use it anywhere you need the land leveled. This is a great tool to spread dirt or even keep down your weeds.

We have used one for leveling a horse arena as well as our dog agility area. It’s not a tool that you will use every day on the farm, but it is one that will lighten your workload when you do need it. Definitely much better than a rake!


The Vevor Leveling Drag is heavy-duty and durable. It is made of premium quality steel and the surface is treated with powder coating (making it rust-proof). It can be pulled by an ATV, garden tractor, UTV, or utility tractor with an easy attachment of a 35-inch connecting rod. Being 66 inches wide, it will cover a lot of territory. This leveler can hold up to 50 pounds if you need to add weight to it.

The Vevor Leveling Drag has FREE SHIPPING, 30-day free returns. You will also have 24/7 customer support for the premium tough quality tool.

Bits from Reviews:

“Does a great job cutting the high spots and filling in the low sports.” “This groomer works great!” “Very easy to use and gives great results”

Work Easier by Having the Right Tools

Man watering plants in greenhouse

On all small farms, having the right tools on hand can make all the difference. From sharpening your blades to moving debris, there are a variety of chores that are essential to keeping your operation running smoothly. Cost is on the low side for each piece of equipment mentioned here, for the budget is important.

Consider any of the ideas to make money on your small farm or even your urban site. If you are planning to grow a small business on your farm, these tools are invaluable. They will make your daily work so much easier.

While you don’t need all 7 of these tools every day, having them on hand will ensure that you’re prepared for whatever comes your way. You won’t spend days trying to fix things because your essential tools will be at your fingertips. Small farm or hobby farm, this is farming made easy.

Click links to buy online, have it shipped, or pick it up at the store! So simple!

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