Book Editing to Move Your Manuscript Forward

Is your dream to become a full-time writer on a beautiful beach?

The way to get there is to write a good book
and then have a great edit of that book.

You Realize
You Need an Editor

     You, as a writer, realize how important it is to have another set of eyes editing your book. A professional editor can make a significant difference for you in the marketplace. I know, for I am a retired book publisher who has continued to work in the industry, freelancing as a book editor.

Book Editor

     If you are looking for a book editor, I would love to consult with you on your project. As you probably already know, I have more than 40 years of experience in the industry. After my retirement, I really missed my authors and books, so I have continued to edit as a freelancer. 

     I am an editor of non-fiction as well as fiction works. Over the course of my career, I have edited 200+ non-fiction books as well as 30+ fiction works. Topics have ranged from history to technology, romance to true crime, business to gardening.

     In addition, you will appreciate that I am what is called a “light-fingered editor,” meaning I work to maintain my author’s voice while bringing the manuscript to industry standards. Chicago Manual of Style is my preferred reference, although I have worked with other systems that my authors have favored. I also work with Word Tracking and Google Docs.

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Perhaps this inviting old-fashioned writer's retreat is your dream.
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     You will find that I meet deadlines and willingly work with you to finalize your project.

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